I was speaking with my friend E the other day (female E, not male E), and she has decided to take some training and become a life coach. Now E is a very supportive cheerleader, so I think this is a wonderful career choice for her.

E needed some practice, so I volunteered to be her guinea pig for a session or two. A guinea pig who needs a little life coaching. I’m in a transition phase right now, so why not play along and see what happens, right? Right.

I blathered on and on about my intense fear of failure, and my inability to compete a project for fear of rejection.  I talked about how debilitating it is to be stuck in this frozen wad of waiting, sitting on my hands for fear that they finally conjure up something that I like but no one else does.

I yabbered about fear. I have so much fear. Self-made, self-perpetuated, non-legitimate, not-corroborated fear.

It stops me from doing anything, everything, and all things.

I think I need to write about that…