I have two very loud cheerleaders in my corner, and they’re relentless.

Those bastards keep complimenting me, and praising me, and pushing me to write. They give me writing assignments to complete for them. Two weeks ago I had to about the most beautiful place I’d ever been. Last week I had to write “4 pages of verbal vomit”. Yesterday I had to write about boots.

It’s not easy to write under pressure, but apparently it works for me. If I have to do it on my own time, I simply don’t do it at all (case in point: this blog).

This afternoon I am meeting with Cheerleader #2 (cheerleader #1 lives with me, so I can never escape his inexorable positivity), and discuss with her how my writing assignment went. I’ve run out of excuses, so I actually had to do it this time. Dammit.

I wonder what she’ll think? Well, if nothing else, at least I’ll be getting lunch out of it.