Oh cheerleader #2, you test me so.

Lunch yesterday went really well (aside from a wet-sneaker-tasting prawn, but that’s another story entirely), and my cheerleader has challenged me with two new assignments. This, of course, made cheerleader #1 rather giddy. Here we go:

1) I have to start a Twitter account.

Stupid Twitter. I don’t WANT a Twitter account! It kind of freaks me out. Now, I had one when I was doing my last blog, but I didn’t actually *know* I had one until I started getting emails telling me that people were ‘following’ me. Naturally I was concerned, given that anytime I am told someone is following me, I get a little suspicious. However, I must admit the fact that they were following me and also informing me via email that they were following me was a little odd.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, turns out my web guru guy (Hi MJP!) had created the Twitter account for me (he’s all like, young ‘n stuff, so he’s all, like, ‘up on it’ ‘n stuff), and it automatically posted a Tweet…er…  Twit (??) whenever I updated my blog. Clever, clever! Funny thing though, he never told me my password.

So, I guess I have to create a new account. I will. Soon. Maybe. I guess. If I have to.

2) I have to blog everyday.

This is a biggie. My last blog was written everyday, because I had promised readers that I would do that. However, with the No More Mountains blog, I specifically said that I would not post everyday, because I promised myself that I would do that. But the problem with not writing everyday, is that it leads me to write nothing at all. I am sensing that my original decision was somewhat counter-productive.

So, here we go again. I will blog everyday from here on in. What I’ll write about, I have no idea. Just as the last blog, I’ll write what comes up as soon as I sit down. Hopefully I’ll still be able to entertain you. My idea is to just bring you along as I follow the path of writing my story. The good, the bad, the good-bad… all of it. If nothing else, it’ll be cathartic. I’m pretty comfortable sharing myself and my secrets.

Speaking of which, I have this rash that I’d love to talk about…