Sunday is a new day for me. It used to be just another day to waste before going back to work on the World’s Most Hated Day, but now it’s a day where I get to watch Chris jump up and down like he has to pee, and scream as though he just did pee.

This, is what the NFL does to boys.

So here I am, sitting in a room with more beer than boys, and there’s a lot of yelling going on. Yelling at the TV, yelling at the players (who I really don’t think can hear them anyway), and yelling at each other. I find such entertainment in this – the insults that guys can come up with are second to none. In this room right now, everyone is a hetero homosexual in some form. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

There are eight people, and ten conversations. The ratio of people to empty beer bottles is slightly skewed. When I walked into the kitchen, I audibly gasped at the empty bottled of Jack Daniels lining the wall, like  3D wallpaper.

I’m a little scared, I’ll be honest with you.

However… the fear isn’t enough to keep me from my daily blogging duty. See? I’m a good writer-girl! I keep my promises.

Wow. You know, I’ve never heard such creative swearing. The strings of profanity are very inventive!




Football, football, football…

I need to drink beer now. It’s the thing to do, don’t you know. Now I know why. No one could come up with this many ways to insult their friends without a liberal dash of alcohol.

See you tomorrow!  (I hope)