So, yesterday afternoon I met with a total stranger to share a cup of tea with him.  Don’t worry mom, it was ok. I mean, I met him on the internet, so what could possibly have gone wrong?

Greg has this cool project called 100 Cups of Tea, where he is sitting down with 100 strangers and just, well, talking. Having a little chat over a cuppa, and seeing where the conversation leads. “Can a cup of tea change your life?”, he asks.

The answer?

Well, he’s got 100 cups to find out.


About half-way through my meeting with Greg he asked for the time. I told him, and he said that he had to meet someone in 30 minutes. “Do you have anywhere to be?”, he says.

“Nope”, my unemployed self replied.

“Wanna’ come along? I’ve never done this before, combining two cups. It’s a girl who has a project where she takes a photo a day of people who have tattoos”, he says.

Well, hell YAH!

So, we get ready to go, and as I’m putting  my jackets (it was cold, ok?) on Greg says, “I take pictures of all the people I have tea with. Can I have one of you?” But of course! He grabs his camera and asks the ladies at the next table if they would mind taking a photo of us. They oblige with smiles (after arguing over who was more artistic and therefore should be responsible for the photo-taking), and after they give Greg back him camera one asks, “so, are you brother and sister?”

We look at each other askance and sort of laugh, “no”, I say, “I’ve never met him before!”

The woman who asked laughs, gives me an overly-pronounced wink, then nods her head and says, “sure, sure!”

“No really!” I say, “I just met him for tea. See, he’s got this cool project…” and I tell them about 100 Cups of Tea. They were genuinely intrigued, and it started a conversation about conversation between the five of us. As Greg and I left the tea shop, we could still hear them discussing the project, and I sure hope that they take the time to find Greg’s website and have a look.

Anyway, we head off to meet Cup #9 at a new tea house. Turns out she’s a young woman who is taking some schooling so that she can become a designer. Her term project was to “do one thing everyday”, and she chose to take photos of people with tattoos. Every tattoo has a story, and this young woman felt that it would be a very easy way to break the ice and meet new people. Great idea, eh?

So the three of us chat for about an hour, discussing introversion, shyness, communication, and the weird ways of the wonderful wired world. I knew that I had taken up enough of Greg’s time, so I grabbed my coat, and said my goodbyes, leaving Greg and his ‘cup’ to carry on (but not before having one of my own tattoos photographed, of course!). I walked to the train station with a head full of new ideas and random thoughts, and I truly was inspired to get back to work on my own project.

So, thanks Greg! Our short meeting was certainly meaningful, and I wish you very well on your quest to 100 cups. You’re going to have a great time with great people.

Can a cup of tea change your life?

Maybe… maybe…

100 Cups of Tea

A Stranger a Day