When I was having my cup of tea with Greg, I was really struck by how great of an idea he had with this whole journey of his. Then he told me about a girl who takes a photo a day of strangers’ tattoos. And I thought *that* was a great idea. There’s people who do random acts of kindness, people who give Free Hugs, people who take photos of strangers touching, and people who remind us to remember the little things… all weird, wonderful ideas.

But it got me thinking about my ideas. They may seem wonderful to me, but are they really as wonderful as I think they are? Will people really care? Is my idea to write a book and blog about my progress really that exciting? It isn’t a new idea by any means, but… well, I guess it’s new to me.

In a world inundated with accessible  random creativity, I’m going to have to be pretty damn good at what I do to get noticed!

And when I do get noticed, I’m going to be in really, really good company.

I’ve got a lot of work to do.