122 pages so far.

That’s what the book is. Just 122 pages of ideas jammed together, waiting to be padded out and fluffed up into a readable ramble.

But now I’m totally stuck. Where do I go from here? What point of view do I take? Do I run chronologically? What kind of chapter separation should there be? I have a bazgillion* questions for Step Fifty, and for some reason that strands me at Step Four. Chris is right though, I need to stop thinking so much, and just get to writing. Just put it all down, then play with it later.

But today, I’ll be doing neither of those things. Instead I’m going for a walk with Ali (you remember her, right?)

And then we’re going to eat nachos. It’s what we do. And dammit, we do it well.

I’m sure we’ll talk about things that will inspire me. She’s gd with crap like that.

Mmmmm… nachos…

*Bazgillion may or may not be a real number