Well, we did it. After drinking a great amount of beer, Ali and I have come up with The Greatest Idea in The History of Ideas.

But we can’t tell you what it is.


What we CAN tell you is that the Riverhouse Pub in Ladner has some seriously kick-ass nachos, and for once in our expansive nacho history, Ali and I could not finish a plate of nachos. And we’re not talking about leaving just a few un-cheesed tortilla chips and a few broken olives (and my personal pile of avoided jalapenos) on the plate, we’re talking about abandoning a full-on wad of cheese-ful chips and tomato chunks. We were ashamed.

However, our genius overshadowed our culinary defeat, and we happily sloshed on home, thinking of ways to make our Great Idea even Greater.  I believe we may have done it. …if I could only remember what it is that we said. I have GOT to remember to take a pen and paper with me whenever I go out with Ali.

As to our idea, I can say this – I have created a new email address, I have begun construction, I have studied a map of the world, and can see that everything is falling into place. On Nov 20th, the project will officially launch. So until then, I’ll annoyingly drop hints that’ll piss you off  like inside jokes in a grad write-up. So until then…


The Beaner washed his flim-flam on Mickey’s bazooka!

Sessions in the park with the Crew Crew!