It’s Sunday again. No, I’m not holed up in a multi-man cave listening to obscene yet fascinating insult tennis this week. But I do get to make nachos at some point today, and since I have a bizarre obsession with nachos, this day can’t be anything but fantastic.

I will try to write today at some point, though. Chris is going to be Glazed-Over Football Boy from 10am until about 10pm, so I’m going to have some alone time, for sure. Not that it will be quiet alone time…


Boys are weird.

Aaaaaaanyway, my goal for today is going to be: write four pages. I can write four pages, can’t I? Sure I can! But first I want to have a bath. Then I need to grocery shop. And do the laundry. And go to Dairy Queen. Then walk the dogs. And make nachos. And buy shoes. And frame some pictures. And contemplate dinner. And… and… and…

I’ll bet I could write four pages of excuses!