If I had a job, I’d punch Monday in the face. But as it is, this Monday I am sitting in a cafe in my wee hometown listening to fishermen talk about hunting, and hunters talk about fishing while I attempt to write. I didn’t *quite* make my four-page goal yesterday… in fact I was about 4 pages short.


I think I just got too involved in my new project, and was wasting far too much time designing a website that looks pretty much the same as it did three hours before I started.


So, I will self-flagellate via these uncomfortable cafe chairs and stomach-burning lava mochas in an effort to appease the Goal Gods. I wonder how many pages it’s going to take before my butt goes completely numb? And how in god’s name did that chick write Harry Potter novels in coffee shops!? Seriously, how am I supposed to write when “West End Girls” is playing on the radio?

STOP IT! Stop procrastinating! Just get to it, dammit!

Sheesh… kids these days…