I had a very productive day yesterday! I edited another 20 pages of my work, and I’m finding more and more ways to tie it all together! I was a girl on a mission, a chick on a roll, a gal on a…a… something else that’s like mission and/or roll! I was feeling great about my accomplishments, and the fact that I didn’t procrastinate very much at all, (well, I did have to “Tweet” every so often, but Cheerleader E says that’s a good thing), made me pretty damn happy.

I was all bouncy and full of gooey joy, and The Cheerleader Who I live With was bom-ditty-bom happy to see me in such a goo-boing state! Life is good! The sun is shining, the ice cream is free, wine is officially considered a diet drink… really, isn’t everything just grand?!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


With a big, handsome smile on his manly, furry face, Cheerleader Who I Live With says, “That’s great!  You know, I can’t wait to read your introduction!”

“…Oh… well, it’s not very exciting. I mean, I basically start with blahblahblahwordsblah

“Really? I thought you were going to start with yaddayaddawordsblah

“Oh. I never… thought… of… that…”

“Yeah, you really should. It’s such an important part of the story. I mean, it’s the whole tie-in! The whole reason!”


So today I am going back up to page one and doing up an intro. Cheerleader That I Live With is right. It IS an important part o the story. I was just avoiding writing about it because it wasn’t comfortable. But then again, making pie isn’t exactly comfortable, but at the end you get PIE!

Today, I pie-ify my story.