I think I’m addicted to cute, stupid stuffed toys. Sock monsters, to be specific.  I get all squealy and squeaky, and full-out whiny when I see them. My issue is that I can’t ever buy one, because I feel way too guilty leaving all the others behind. Their tiny button eyes boring a hole in my fragile heart as I walk away with a favourite… it’s enough to drive a woman to drink!


My new project is almost underway! I was supposed to launch it tonight, but my business partner canceled after she spent a sweaty night with a dozen soccer players. Don’t get excited! She was teaching them to cook.


Yes, here it is, THE NEW PROJECT… Drunk Baking The World!!

Ali and I have had absolutely wild success with our drunk baking in episodes past, so we decided to make a serious (AHAHAHAHA!!!) go at it and turn it into a world-wide phenomenon…. if only in our own heads.

So, aside from attempting to write a book of some sort, I will also be tackling Drunk Baking on a more regular basis.This is going to get real good, real fast people. And even if it doesn’t rank up there with The World’s Best Ideas, I’ll be far too drunk and hopped up on baked goods to care.

Now THAT would be a good time to buy sock monsters!  (especially sock monsters for charity!)

I am a weird, weird human being…