Ah, what a morning! It’s beautiful out today – the sun is shining, the air is crisp, the dog didn’t barf on the couch last night, and I don’t ever have to look at another drunkenly baked cookie for a very long time.

Ugh. Last night Ali and I did our first Drunk Bake The World segment, and it was a total disaster. We made “whoopie pies” (which the Cheerleader Who I Live With kept calling “whoopie goldberg cushions), and they were really, really, really, really gross. I’ll be blogging about our adventures on the Drunk Bake The World site, but I need to brush my teeth again, and drink another litre of water or so. Then go brush my teeth. AGAIN.

It’s Saturday, so that means pretty much nothing to me. Everyday is Saturday when you’re a shiftless, unemployed bum! Nonetheless, it’s still a great day, because it means that all my hard-working friends have time to waste. One friend if mine is going to a Christmas gift exchange today. I KNOW! It’s freakin’ November, people!

Enjoy your Saturday, my dear readers – make it one for the books, would ya’?