This morning over breakfast I asked The Cheerleader I Live With what I should blog about today. He’s always good for this type of thing, because he’s far more creative than me, and sometimes I think that HE should be the writer in the family (you should see the love notes I get).

Anyway, he thought for a while and said, “why don’t you write about your favourite book, and how it made you want to become a writer. Or write about ANY book that inspired you to write”. Well why didn’t *I* think of that?!

There are some books that I love just for the story, some books I love for the outlandish humour, and some books that I love for the skillful writing. Some I enjoyed because of the research, some have amazing character depiction, and one I just fell in love with because it’s an all around perfect book. But there’s one author in particular who made me read, made me think, made me laugh, and gave me hope that sometimes even the weirdest, most banal thing could be turned into literature.

I *love* A.J. Jacobs. Love him, love him, love him. His books are entertaining, highly readable and not-put-down-able, and he writes from an honest place. He writes about himself, and the weird, wacky things he does to make his life more… more… weird and wacky I guess.

I first stumbled across him when I picked up his book The Know-It-All. Basically the story is about how Mr. Jacobs decides that he is going to try and become ‘the smartest person in the world’, and is going to do so by reading the ENTIRE encyclopedia Britannica. Niiiiiice.

Next, I grabbed his book The Year of Living Biblically, which soon earned it’s spot in my Top Ten Favourite Books of All-Time. In this book, Jacobs allows us to follow him as he spends 365 days ‘taking the Bible as literally as possible’. Just his quest to find which Bible to live from had me snorting orange juice out my nose.

Jacobs has a couple other books, and he also writes for Esquire magazine, and I simply adore him. His reality made me want to live in my own, and share it with the world.

So, if I ever do get this whole book project of mine off the ground, A. J. Jacobs is getting a mention of thanks on the jacket sleeve. Because if the man can write about outsourcing an argument with his wife, surely I can write a few chapters about climbing a mountain in Africa.

I’m going to go read now…