December 15 – 5 Minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)

*sung to the tune of ‘Carol of The Bells


Support from friends, who think I’m great, and they tell me, that I can write.

Donations of, dollars and dimes, all for Hospice, over twelve grand.

June the 7th, then on the 10th, falling in love, with my dream man.

Ali’s summit, no more camping, Chicago Bears, at Soldier Field.

Eran’s support, Michael’s kindness, Laura’s massage, and sponsorship…

Selling my home and moving to a forest house by the Fraser river,

Jenn, Lu’, Brennan, blog and drinking red wine,

Beer n’ nachos, almost every weekend.

Mommy’s support, and all her loans, without her love, Kili not climbed.

There’s just too much, all things are good, losing my job, made my life new.

Two thousand ten, was a great year, so many smiles, and much laughter.

Holy crap this, song never ends, it just goes on, I’m going nuts…


Ok, so it took me over five minutes, but do you have any idea how hard it is to sum up all the good things in a full year to this tune?! Seriously. I should have picked an easier one… preferably one that has an ending, because I really don’t think this song ever stops. It’s like the holiday version of Wheels on The Bus, I swear.

So anyway, there are a lot of things I want to remember about 2010, but most importantly, the fact that I changed my life motto. I had the opportunity to work a great job in a long-term care home for people with Dementia, and sitting with those residents and their loved ones everyday made me realize that life is too short, and far too unpredictable. “Do it. Do it now” became my motto, and since it has, things have been much more adventurous in my life. So much so that I can’t fill this space with all the things I want to remember about this year.

Ding, dong, ding, dong…