December 21 – Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead?  (Author: Jenny Blake)

Dear Robyn,

I will only tell you two things: remember your two mantras, and live by them.

1) “The money will always be there“. Remember that one? It always came in so handy, and you certainly felt better when you told yourself that the money will always be there. You know it doesn’t mean to be wasteful and hope for a happy lotto ticket, but it does mean that you can still live your life right, and responsibly, and your finances will work into that well.

2) “Do it. Do it now“. You adopted this mantra way back in 2009 when you worked in a long-term care home for people with Dementia. Seeing all those spouses come and visit their loved ones, and sit down with you, crying to say that their plans for ‘after retirement’ were all ruined now. You remember crying with that one man who said he would never travel now, because he didn’t want to see the world without his wife of 50 years? They had waited too long to get going, and then she got sick… their lives stopped, and now he felt like neither of them had anything left to live for. So do it. Do it now. All those things that you want to see, experience, do, and give? Do them. All of them. Because you never know what could happen that could make you long for the future you’ll never have.

You have a great husband and a fantastic mother who puppysits for you two, as you see the world bit by bit. The places that you’re dreaming of today, you will have memories of soon enough. Just plan it, save for it, and go. You’re going to hold his hand in many, many countries, and your walls will soon be filling with framed photos of the two of you in weird and wonderful places. And, oh yeah, just so you know… you two still feel the same way for each other that you did when you first met. It’s a love for the ages, this one, so treat it well, nurture it, and work at it together. Oh, and buy a couple rocking chairs for your future veranda, ok?

You’re going to be just fine. Have patience and let things happen as they are meant to. Don’t sit back and be passive, but don’t force yourself into your day. You did live out your dream, and you’re in a peaceful, honest space now. Take comfort in the fact that you love your life.


Robyn   Dec. 21, 2015

PS – don’t forget to pick up milk and bread.