Soooooooo… I met with E The Cheerleader yesterday to further discuss our SUPER SECRET SEXY PROJECT, and man, am I stoked! I mean, maybe this could be really, really rad… REALLY rad. Rad.

We had the SUPER SECRET SEXY PROJECT idea last year, and we were pretty excited about it, but over the course of many months, many things happened, and the SUPER SECRET SEXY PROJECT took a back seat in the back of our heads. However, it was still there, and it surfaced occasionally, reminding us that, yes, we are super geniuses.

So, we discussed packaging, shipping, initial set-up costs, and boots. NEW boots. All worthy topics for Lil’ Mrs. Headcold McSnortenstein, and her healthier companion, Lil’ Ms. Toomany Projectsinson to banter about. Oh, and banter we did! Logos, marketing, Vaynerchuk, Twitter… production facilities, bank accounts, and box size. I’m thinking that The SUPER SECRET SEXY PROJECT may have a chance at world domination.

I suggest you stay tuned to keep informed.

Oh, any venture capitalists out there? Feel free to drop me a line, mkay?