Yesterday’s post brought the most readers ever to my page – 4x what I usually get! Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a visit. And if you passed the page on to someone else, I’d send you freshly-baked cookies, if I could. So now you know why I’m attempting to write this book – I’d like to share this story. Your support yesterday gave me great confidence, and I’m looking that much more forward to my meeting with The Pretty Epublisher Lady on Sunday evening.

Today, I am going to print out my so-far manuscript and have a go at editing it. I’m old-school at heart, and feel that I’m much more able to edit my work when it’s in paper form. Is that weird? I’d like to take a look at it and see what I’ve got so far. And I also need to figure out where to put some photos! Photos like this:

Ali at Brother's Creek - our 2nd hike!

…and this:

Me on The Stawamus Chief - our 4th hike!


Heading to Mt. Kili!


Ali and I at the top of The Baranco Wall


Ali and I on Stella Point!

…Aaaaaaaaaaand finally, this:

Soaking our poor feet at Mweka Camp - Day 7

So, as you can see, I’ve got a lot of work to do! Good thing I am taking a small vacation next week, and will have some time to write. You know, because the 7 months I’ve been unemployed has afforded me absolutely NO time to write whatsoever. *ahem*

Alright, I’m off to print this 92-page manuscript out, and find myself a big, fat red pen.