What the hell has happened to our language? Seriously, we have done some insane destruction to ourselves by the mere fact that we’re too lazy to write out the entire 6-letters of E-N-O-U-G-H. We’ve had to drop a few letters, because it’s simply too difficult to type out a full word, apparently. However, the use of superfluous punctuation is on the rise. Curious. Why is it ok to drop letters and replace them with pointless punctuation marks? I’ve had ENUF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m of the mind that this whole bastardization of the written word came about when text messaging first appeared, and we were all charged by the letter to send a message. It would make sense to type out “C U @ 2” when confirming your coffee date with a friend, as it enabled you to communicate about coffee while still being able to afford a cup of coffee afterward. However, you’d think with the advent of per-message billing, we’d be taking full advantage of cheap-o communication! “I say, good friend of mine, It would be a right pleasure to join you for a steaming cup of fair-trade java at our colourful, local establishment, and I look forward to our long conversations about pie, elementary school playground injuries, and the various cheeses we would like to try.  Ta-ta, good friend, and I will joyfully see you in a moment that is sooner rather than later.” This isn’t about “textese” (OMG, roflol, ttyl, brb, l8r, lmao), it’s about intelligence.

Greg, the lovely young man that created the 100 Cups of Tea project, has been railing against the fact that people in our society have stopped speaking with one another. That makes sense to me! Personally, I think it’s because we’ve forgotten how to talk properly. How in god’s name am I supposed to answer someone when they send me a message like: R U n 4 cofee @ *buks?????? C U @ 2 k?

For the love of all that is holy, could you please, PLEASE make some sense? You’re making my brain smoke!

Is it really that difficult to write out a full word, or to use the proper punctuation where it is needed? I’m not saying I’m The Grammar Queen, but I do like the idea that the people I am sending messages to know that I respect them enough to speak to them like they are intelligent adults. Lik 4 reelz yo!

I love language. I love grammar, spelling, punctuation and definition. I love to experiment with words and phrases, twisting and turning them into creative slices of written entertainment. I am going to keep writing this way, even if it bothers people. Isn’t that odd? It bothers people when I type out full words and precise sentences. “Awwwwwww, maaaaaaaaan! I had to, like, read the whole word n’ stuff! That was, like, really inconvenient, dude. I have things to do!” Sheesh.

Ok, that’s enough ranting for today. I need to go have a shower and wash the sadness away. Then I’m going to eat chocolate.