Speaking of inspiring books… my friend Justin The Motivator recommended that I pick up Gary Vaynerchuck’s book “Crush It!“, and give it a read.

“Gary Vaynerchuck?”, I asked, “Who’s that guy?”

“Oh, he’s just some guy that started an on-line wine tasting vlog, and is now a gazbillionaire*”

So, I went out and bought Gary Vaynerchuck’s book.

I’ll admit that at first I found “Crush It!” to be a tad ‘rah-rah’ for my tastes. It sort of read like… like… like as if Tony Robbins was giving you financial advice, or something. I’m all for positivity and motivation, but sometimes I get creeped out if it gets too “The Secret”- like (Gad, that book gave me the freaky heebie-jeebies!). Needless to say, I was a bit put-off by “Crush It!” at the start, but the more I read it, the less freaky it became, and the more sense it made.

The thing is, I read it from the point of view of a writer who’s trying to get her start. The book was more business-based, so I felt that sometimes things just didn’t apply.  However, it certainly got me thinking in new ways about how to market myself and my ‘Personal Brand’, something I hadn’t even considered before.

We live in the perfect age for this sort of thing – we can put our names, faces, and ideas out to the world in 60 different ways, in a matter of seconds. That’s all cool and everything, but dude… it’s also kind of scary. Word of Mouth advertising is IT these days, and if you mess something up, your Personal Brand could quickly become an ugly, inflamed scar.

Anyway, I did get a lot out of “Crush It!”, and I plan on reading it again, but his time I’ll hopefully be more prepared and less frightened. It’s sort of a weird space to be in, you know? Right at that point in life where my childhood dream may actually come true. I don’t think I could read anything that could prepare me for that.

Maybe I’ll be the one to write about it, for when the rest of you have your dreams come true.


*Gazbillion may or may not be a real number