I have an important reminder for all of you!

As I’m sure the more worldly of you already know, January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day! Can you believe its been a whole year already?! Where does the time go? I’m so excited, and have been planning my celebratory festivities for this evening for the past two months – I’ve spent hours sewing my costume, and it’s looking really good!

Now, as I’m sitting here in a hotel cafe drinking an over-priced mocha and trying to forget certain episodes from last night’s faux-Sinatra fueled banquet, The Cheerleader I Live With is sleeping off his alcoholic regrets. He has *obviously* forgotten that it is Squirrel Appreciation Day, and that just sickens me. Forget my birthday, forget our anniversary, forget to feed the dogs, but for the love of Christ, DON’T forget Squirrel Appreciation Day. I’ve decided that to punish him for his most selfish transgression, I’m going to subject him to an endless string of nut-themed jokes for the remainder of the day. No! Don’t try to talk me out of it. He’s going to take his medicine, and LIKE IT, dammit!

Anyway, back to the squirrels… I’m a huge fan of those wee poufy-tailed tree beasts, because whenever I see one it makes me smile. And really, why NOT celebrate something that makes you smile every single time you see it? So, while you’re on your lunch break, or maybe as you’re walking to the bus, have a look around to see if you can spot of of these little, bouncing fluffy smiles with legs. And hey, while you’re out there, why not take the time to hug your favourite non-rabid squirrel today.

I promise that you’ll both feel better.

(There is a very good chance that I’m still intoxicated from last night, and an even bigger chance that I’m going to regret this post in about 2 hours).