So, after reading my post yesterday, The Cheerleader I Live With came up with some suggestions to get me a pseudo-office space. The idea I decided to take him up on was the one where I sit in the vacant boardroom at his office and just type away to my heart’s content. Although the space is ringed with windows that could prove distracting, it does NOT have internet access, so that should be helpful. I’ll just have to watch last night’s Daily Show With Jon Stewart before I go down there.

So, in an effort to be proactive and supremely full of awesome, The Cheerleader I Live With went down to the ol’ vacant boardroom to turn the heat on so that I could be all comfy-womfy in there as I write away my time on The Book. He unlocks the door, whistles as he steps inside and is suddenly hit with the violent rank of the milk that was left out on the table after the last board meeting… on the 4th of January.

Needless to say, today I will not be chipping away at The Book in the boardroom which is now a fully-open-windowed room that smells like a baby’s diaper. I guess Jon Stewart and I will be on the couch today, after all.

And really, what red-blooded woman would complain about that?

But AFTER Jon and I catch up, I’m going to get down to brass tacks and write at least a couple of pages. Unless, of course, someone on FaceBook says something interesting…