My manuscript is taunting me.

It’s sitting beside my laptop on the table, with a fat red pen on top if it.  It stares at me, that manuscript of mine. It stares at me and says, “well, all that work you did? Yeah, pretty much useless now. May as well toss me away because you’ve got to start aaaaaaall over again. Way to go, loser”.  Apparently the manuscript is my paper sibling. And not even a cool paper sibling, either! If it were, like, an origami paper sibling that looked like a swan or a rhinoceros, THAT would be cool. But no. It’s just a wad of lame paper, sitting there and taunting me. SHUT UP MANUSIBLING! MOOOOOOOOOOOOM! PAPER SIBLING IS TEASING ME!

…Anyway, so there all my work sits. I can’t even bring myself to pick it up, because right now all I see it as is a lump of killed trees. I know that it’s a part of my future work, but it’s a small part. And considering that took me nine months to write, I’m afraid that The Book will have an elephantine gestation period.

You know, we are having a bonfire party tonight (The Cheerleader I Live With is celebrating a birthday!), and maybe I should just use the damn paper sibling as kindling. I might feel better.

Probably not.

*UPDATE* – Last night after we came home from the gym, The Cheerleader I Live With and I greeted Gus The Rescued Christmas Moose by the front steps, as is now our custom. I took a closer look at Gus and saw that the little LED lights on his nose were a different colour than the ones all over his moosey body. I asked The Cheerleader I Live With if Gus’ lights still worked, and he replied that he was sure of it. But c’mon, Gus was floating in the river! Turns out, Gus is a hearty Rescued Moose – his lights DO still work, and he looks awesome. Yay!