Everyone needs cheerleaders. I am very lucky to have a lot of cheerleaders in my corner, and luckier still because they each provide me with a different type of motivating cheer. For example…

The Cheerleader I Live With – He’s there when I’m sad, happy, motivated, bored… He encourages me with love, positivity and patience, and tries hard to remind me everyday that I’m talented and worthy.

E The Cheerleader – Believes in me, no matter what. Thinks everything I undertake is worthwhile, and believes that I have something important to say.

The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With – Without her, all my words would still be in my head. She helped me bring them out… aaaaand she bluntly accosted an editor on my behalf.

My Friend With The Giant Baby – Tells me to just write, write, write, and is right, right, right.

The Cheerleader I Work For – Pushes me when I don’t push myself, and pulls me back when I push myself too hard.

The Cheerleader Who Rubs Me For Money – Rock solid belief that I can do anything, just because I’m me.

The Momx7 Cheerleader – She has a whole world of her own to work hard in, but she so often takes the time to think of me, and remind me that she’s there and willing to lend a hand. She inspires me in so many ways, and I’m grateful for her every day.

My Mom – The ultimate in cheerleading longevity. She’s believed in me for almost 35 years! Very supportive and just flat-out good.

So today, I wanted to impart my wisdom: everyone needs a cornucopia of cheerleaders in their life. Have you ever really stopped to think who you’ve got on your side? The best part about doing this is when you realize that you have cheerleaders in your life who you don’t even know, and may never even meet! Cheerleaders who send you kind messages and remind you that they’re out there, pom-poms in hand, expecting more from you. I love Those Cheerleaders I Don’t Know. They turn random days into memories.

Here’s a shout-out to all my Cheerleaders. I hope you all know that I’m rooting for you, too.