Yesterday I was speaking with Cheerleader Momx7, who is not only an editor at Random House, but an author, as well. She just recently signed a new book deal, and I was wondering how an editor edits her own book. Would she have someone else do it? She responded, “I will have my own editor, and I will hate them”.

After I laughed, I realized that she was right. I’m going to probably hate my editor, too. I had forgotten about that possibility, and I’m really not looking forward to the moment when I have to hand over my work to someone who is going to red pen it to death. I’ll probably cry. When it comes to receiving criticism, I have the constitution of wet crepe paper.

Cheerleader Momx7 put it very well when she said, “A writer and an editor will have different views – be prepared for that. Words that mean so much to you are just words to the editor.”


“It can hurt, but the book will be your words”, she continued. “You will turn a lump of marble into a beautiful shape. Your editor will either file off the edges, or suggest a different shape. The end product will be a sculpture you can be proud of. ”

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. And look at that, she actually made being mean sound like being nice. She is a good writer!

But before I go handing my work off to any filer, I’d best be focusing on chipping away at the honkin’ slab standing in my brain. It’s just sitting there! Taking up space, and being all heavy n’ stuff… I’ve got to lighten my cerebral load, and turn something big into something better.

…and then maybe give it to Cheerleader Momx7.