I’m on my 2nd mocha of the day, and it’s only 9am. In actuality, I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I’ve actually had a 2nd mocha in the morning. So why is today so different? Well, this morning I finished a book.

Y’see, The Cheerleader I Live With bought me The Book of Awesome way back in June, and we have been reading one Awesome Thing aloud each morning to start the day off right. It’s been a great way to start each day, and when I went to Africa back in August, I really noticed it when I started my days Awesome-free. I’ll be honest with ya’, it kinda’ sucked.

But this morning, as I read the last page of The Book of Awesome aloud, I started to choke up. I’ll freely admit that there have been a few times when I’ve choked up reading The Book of Awesome, but I was just so sad today when I realized that the book that had been such a big part of the everyday life I share with The Cheerleader I Live With was coming to an end. What now? What are we supposed to read to each other at breakfast tomorrow?

I reached for our bookcase and grabbed the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die. I figured it might be a great way to start our days now – educational and adventurous! It should get our spirits soaring and earning Airmiles!

…but it won’t be the same at all.

Not only was The Book of Awesome a great read, it also held something personal for me. Neil Pasricha created a blog that has struck the perfect chord. He gets to think of awesome things all day, and then share them with us, one at a time. And to top it off, the guy got to write a book. I couldn’t help but hope, every time I read from his book, that one day someone would be reading from mine, too. Neil Pasricha and his Book of Awesome are an inspiration for me, small flickers of light that could show me the way to following my own dream. If it wasn’t for The Book of Awesome, I don’t think I’d have given myself a chance, because it all just seems so vast and unrealistic. But Neil Pasricha showed me that anything really is possible.

And truly, that’s just awesome.