The Cheerleader I Live With does not celebrate Valentine’s Day. We do not have a vase of a dozen red roses at the table, nor are there squishy, cheesebag red greeting cards adorning the mantle. We don’t have dinner reservations for tonight, and I didn’t bake heart-shaped cupcakes with his name iced on them. This is the best Valentine’s Day I never spent. In my opinion, I think Valentine’s Day is our culture’s way of saying HA HA! to single people. Valentine’s Day is for bullies! …or something like that, anyway.

Yesterday I was able to get a couple hours of writing in again, and it was just so great. I sat in my pseudo-office and edited some of my work, and created a few new pages, as well, all while The Cheerleader I Live With made dinner and played Madden on the X-Box upstairs. Damn, life is good!

I live a simple life, and I realized yesterday that that’s how I need to write – simply. It so much easier that way! I think I’ve finally figured out how to write my style, for me, instead of trying to write all froufy-like to try and make an impression on some imaginary reader. Why did it take me so bloody long to figure that out?

I’m hoping to make a routine out of writing for a couple of hours each day, and with that, I could get through this little project of mine in a few months. Maybe. Hopefully. Possibly. Whatever.

Here’s hoping you get to not celebrate Valentine’s Day today. Instead, wish yourself a happy Monday, and make some waffles for dinner. Who doesn’t love waffles, right? Mmmmmm… waffles…