So, The Cheerleader I Live With and I are discussing the possibility of adopting another rescue dog from That’ll Do Border Collie Rescue. She’s a lovely 4yr old pup, and would make a nice addition to our home. We live in a freaking forest, next to a large, fenced park, and it’s all nestled against the Fraser River. It’s a doggy Utopia, really. But would our home be? We live a quiet, simple life, but we are fairly active with the two dogs we already have. But this new dog is special. She struck me as special since the moment I first saw her picture. I have sent of a message to the amazing woman who runs the rescue (The Food Lady), to see if she’d even entertain the idea. She may not, and that’s ok. What’s meant to be, will be.

I was able to get  ZERO writing done this weekend. I did go out for dinner twice, kayak an afternoon away, clean the house, bathe the dogs, eat a few waffles, cook some acorn squash, and watch a couple Harry Potter movies, though.

I’m sure adding a third dog to the mix would give me so much more time to write!    *rolls eyes*

Maybe I need to converse with Momx7