Reasons #1 that I want to be a writer by trade: NO FREAKING TRAFFIC.

This morning I had to get to an early appointment on the other side of a different town, and my god. Seriously!? People actually sit in traffic like that every day? What the hell is wrong with them?!

I currently live in a nice, small town, and my workplace is a 12-minute walk (or a 5 minute kayak across the river) away from my wee home. I used to work downtown, and would take the bus in, so I understand the whole “rush hour” thing. However, people actually sit in their cars (thousands of people, sitting alone in their vehicles, all going the same direction…) and just… sit. I liked the bus because at least I could let someone else do the driving and frustrating, and all I had to do was wake up in time to pull the bell for my stop.

So, aside from the whole ‘live-out-my-dream’ thing, not having to sit in rush hour traffic is a damn fine reason to want to become a writer. I can stay at home, spin stories while wearing my jammies, and eat snacks all day long. Not a bad job if you can get it, really.