So, I’m going through what I’m going to call a “phase”. Since Momx7 is refusing to allow me to call it Writer’s Block, I’m just going to call it The Phase. She’s right though, there is no writer’s block. I’m always stuffed full of ideas, but getting them out on paper/screen sometimes proves to be more challenging than I’d like.

Why is it so challenging? Because I’m a lazy, self-conscious, excuse-making git who has spent the last 2 weeks disliking the act of writing. I get like that sometimes. The amount of self-doubt I have, mixed with my irrepressible impatience, can be absolutely staggering. If I don’t get over those things, I’ll never get anywhere.

It’s kind of like when The Cheerleader I Live With and I painted our house. I spent hours labouring over painting the stupid banister. I wanted it to look perfect. I spilled paint all over the damn place and wasn’t even happy with the result, anyway! The Cheerleader I Live With kindly let me go through these motions, then sat me down afterward and said, “The first coat doesn’t have to be perfect, you know. It gets better looking with each coat”. But I wanted it to be perfect on the first try! Why would I want to do two half-assed jobs, when I could just do one really good job, and then go eat popcorn?

But he’s right, and I can apply his reasoning to a lot of things in my life. Just take my time, do it well, then do it even better the next time. Patience is important if you want perfection. Well, something like perfection, anyway.

Thank god I’m not writing a book about painting.