So our dog Jenn, (AKA: “The Little One”), cut her paw open on our walk this morning. She’s been bleeding all over the place and The Cheerleader I Live With was crawling around on his hands and knees following her, wiping the blood off the carpet, and trying to get her to sit still and lay down. Fat chance. See, Jenn runs around like and idiot, and completely disregards any sort of obstacle that may lay in her path. And when it comes to her running around like an idiot outside of the house, the biggest obstacle for her is ignorant people.

We live in a park/forest. And as nice as it is, some people feel that it’s a-ok to come and dump their garbage here. If they don’t feel like paying to take things to the landfill, they just bring their junk to our little forest and toss it all in. These people are obviously too stupid to realize that since the city now has to come and clean it up, taxes will rise just a little bit more.

I saw a picture on the Ladner’s Landing facebook page yesterday of someone’s couch that they had discarded into a ditch along 72nd avenue. What is wrong with people? Even if it fell off your truck while you were taking it to the landfill, for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP AND PICK IT UP.

Anyway, Jenn is now resting, (read: pouting), with a sock taped to her foot.

She looks pathetically unhappy, and this makes Luna (AKA: “The Perfect One”) quite happy. Seriously, when Jenn flip-flopped her socked-up leg by her, Luna wagged her tail. She laughs! She is SUCH a bitch. The quintessential older sister.

So, for all you good, responsible people: thank you for respecting us and respecting yourself enough to be responsible for your garbage.

And for all you ignorant, lazy, entitled-feeling gits: you would do well to remember that the place where you toss your trash is under camera surveillance. And since you were dumb enough to park your vehicle in a spot that made your license plate easy to read, you can expect a visit from a ticket-issuing individual today.

So there.

*sticks out tongue*