Well! Quite the reaction from yesterday’s blog! I had twice the amount of people read it that usually hit up my blog. I’m glad I did it, then.   🙂

Yesterday I took the day off work and gave in to a Food-and-Cheerleader day that I really, really needed. I went down to the city and met with The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With for a quick lunch by the water. She was being all worky-worky, so I couldn’t steal too much of her time, but I took what I could get! I missed her, and it was nice to finally have a face-to-face chat with her instead of pretending to yell at each other via caps lock on Facebook.

Then, after wending my way through lingerie stores and shoe outlets, I met E The Cheerleader for tea a little later. The original Cheerleader, E The Cheerleader has always been there to give me a good ol’ kick in the ass when I need it most. She’s hella positive and at the end of every meeting I have with her, I want to run home and write a book. She’s very excited to buy my book when it comes out one day. I offered to give her one, she being E The Cheerleader after all, but she refused, saying that she wanted to buy it. Then she cried. She does that a lot. It’s just one of the many reasons we get along so well. We’re both blubbering pansies.

Finally, I wandered down to the train station and snaggled The Cheerleader I Live With and took him to Fuck You Corey’s for a nice dinner. We giggled our way through our roasted beet & pear salad, and dreamed our way through our trout and parsnips, then stole a free ride home on the train, just cuz’ we’re all bad ass like that n’ stuff. He’s a good guy…. even if he does shoot tea out his nose when he laughs. I (heart) Our Partnership.

And so today, I am refreshed and feeling ready to face the world yet again. Ready to walk to work, then hit the gym after, then come home for some writing time. I will get this done, Cheerleaders, but certainly not without you.