…I know where all the waffles is. In my happy, happy belly.

Sunday is Waffle Day in our house, and without fail, The Cheerleader I Live With and I always overindulge. I tend to stuff about 4 waffles down my gullet on Sunday mornings, and by Sunday afternoon, I’m regretting it. But at the time, 4 waffles don’t seem like enough! I’m full, yes, but that shouldn’t stop the waffle train. Bring me more waffles!!

I can end up feeling a bit like Mr. Creosote.


I have to post a photo. I found it when I was looking for a picture of waffles, and it’s too awesome not to share…


Anyway, I’m going to go for a waffle walk now, to try and settle my waffleful belly a little… before lunch.

God, I love Sundays.

Happy First Day of Spring!!