Ok, so after the surprising and unexpected ‘On My Current Life Path’ obituary I wrote yesterday, it’s time to write my ‘Life I Dream of Having’ obituary today. I made a concerted effort NOT to think about it, and so I am just going to write it down as it comes up in my head. Sound good? Ok, here we go…


Robyn Lindsay Cheerleader (nee Thomson) was born on May 15, 1976, and passed away peacefully yesterday at the Delta Hospice Residence with her loving husband, The Cheerleader She Married, and their two dogs by her side.

An accomplished blogger and writer, Robyn worked hard to achieve the goals that she had set for herself when she was still a child. Although she only published half a dozen books, her works were recognized world-wide, and her words touched a great many people, as was evidenced by the many fan letters she received. One highlight of Robyn’s literary career was when she received a call from The Daily Show asking her to be Jon Stewart’s live guest one evening.

After her book, “To The Roof of Africa: I’m Totally Going to Cry” was made into a hit movie, Robyn was able to afford the travel lifestyle that she had once only dreamed of. She and The Cheerleader She Married began their adventures with El Camino Voluntours, and made a point to take on at least one project with El Camino every year. They built homes, helped construct a village, and worked hard to preserve the beauty of nature, and the safety of endangered animals. Eventually Robyn and The Cheerleader She Married were able to compile their many adventures into well-received volumes of short travel editions titled “Romance and Roaming – Traveling with Purpose with The One You Love”.

Robyn loved wasting many long days and nights at the small beach-side cabin that she and The Cheerleader She Married owned in Tofino. Working with renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, Robyn and The Cheerleader She Married built the house of their dreams, something they had been planning on doing since the say they met. However, it was at home on their small farm where their hearts lay.

The site of the That’ll Do Border Collie Rescue (that they rented to The Food Lady for $1 a year), The Farm was a place of both tranquility and movement at once. An avid cook, Robyn took great pride in the large garden she and The Cheerleader She Married built, as they were able to grow most of their own fruit, vegetables, and herbs. This made for exceptionally fresh-tasting meals that they traditionally served up each Sunday afternoon for any friends and family who wished to drop by. Especially pleasing were the midsummer meals served under the canopy of trees in the backyard, where the table was lit only by moonlight and the occasional candle.

Although educated as a social worker, Robyn’s career as a writer was more fulfilling and rewarding than any job she could have imagined. She lived a peaceful, simple life of happiness with her true love The Cheerleader She Married, and was always found to be smiling, laughing and entertaining others. Robyn always said that her greatest accomplishment in life was each time she made someone laugh, and so she felt very accomplished, indeed.

Robyn felt honoured by the many good friends she had, and could not ever have been as successful or as fulfilled without their love and support (most specifically E The Cheerleader, The Cheerleader She Climbs Mountains With, Bin, and Momx7). Robyn loved her friends dearly, and they knew it well.

Robyn leaves behind a legacy of giving, and a resonating compassion. Her words will live forever in the hearts of millions, and as per her wishes, her extensive shoe collection is to be auctioned off to support S.A.I.N.T.S.

A celebration of life will be held at Spot on The Water Park in Ladner, BC, to be followed by an evening of drinking and dancing on The Farm. (Transportation will be made available for anyone needing a safe ride home.)


Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better.

Oh, by the way, this morning The Cheerleader I Live With and I took one more step closer to our dream of travel… stay tuned!