Finally! The Food Lady took the advice of the bazgillion* people who were nagging her to just DO IT already. She relented, and now we’re all very, very happy. And it is all about about us, you know.

The Food Lady is the author of the highly entertaining blog Wootube. It started out as Three Woofs and a Woo, but has morphed into the all-out, all dogs, all the time channel that it is today. And it’s awesome. Tweed, Piper, Dexter, Mr. Woo, TWooie, and the late, great Red Dog (Briggs) are all the stars of the Wootube show. They are also joined by numerous other animals (cats, gerbils, chickens, multiple litters of puppies, possibly a couple of llamas…), not the least of which is my favourite-named cat of all-time, Angry Donut.

Y’see, The Food Lady is a friend of mine, and she’s just so hella talented. It’s sick, actually, that someone could be that talented. But the most disgusting part was that she wouldn’t capitalize on it. There are a LOT of crappy blogs out there, but hers is not one of them. She chronicles her weird, dogfull life through beautiful photography and amusing rants about dog stupidity. I am addicted to Wootube, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

(I must confess… Mr. Woo is my favourite of The Food Lady’s gaggle, and I’m constantly trying to steal him away from The Food Lady. One day she’ll relent! …or maybe one day she won’t be looking and I’ll be able to toss him into the car and drive away like a demon.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, The Food Lady has many fans (like 1,102 or so), but, well, very little moola. Why? Because she also runs the That’ll Do Border Collie Rescue, and is constantly using out-of-pocket expenses to help pay for the transport and care of rescued border collies. Sure, she has a photography business on the side, but it just isn’t consistent enough to pay the bills. So, I’ve been after her for years to write a book about her adventures, because I honestly think she’s really talented, and a book could be financially viable for her.

And so, after much nagging, whining, bitching, cajoling, pleading and threats of physical violence, The Food Lady FINALLY HAS A BOOK! I don’t care if she did it just to shut me (and everyone else) up, she finally did it! YAAAAAAAAY!!

I ordered mine yesterday, and I’m breathlessly anticipating its arrival at my doorstep. Not only am I getting a really great book, and not only am I supporting my friend, but I’m also helping to put some money back into her pocket, too. The Food Lady does so much for so many, I’m just happy to be able to give a little bit back.

Congratulations Food Lady!  May many more good things come your way because if this.  xo

Now, if only I could convince her to write a book containing all the bizarre emails she gets from some of the very freaky weirdos who contact her to adopt border collies…

*Bazgillion may or may not be a real number