Brain blabbification commencing…. NOW!

I got this email from my mom the other day, and thought it was cute:

Dear Robyn -nice day today—went to the bookstore—Jean Auel has her 6th book on sale !! — starting today!!—-first book published 1977—(Clan of the Cave Bear)—fifth book published 2002– #6–FINALLY in 2011! Hopefully its as good as the rest… not that i want to RUSH any writers–but…  AT LAST  !!!!

love– yer reader-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Well hey, at least my mother supports my procrastination.
I would like to make a marshmallow muffin. Eat it, no. Make it, yes.
Every so often, when I’m not in the car, I like to stick my tongue out when I sneeze.
Do you think email spam takes offense to being called Spam, or do you think Spam “meat product” takes offense to email spam being called Spam?
Once, when I was a kid, I was bit on the ass by one of our pet geese. It was really quite sad, because I was making it a very special meal that I called “Goosey Supreme”. It had grass *and* bird seed – that’s what made it so Supreme. Anyway, I was making it on the picnic table (I wanted to class up the meal, don’t ya’ know), and when I bent over to pile the Goosey Supreme on the table, the dumb goose bit me. Stupid goose. Ungrateful fat bird.  *humpf*
OH! Yesterday, The Cheerleader I live With upped his “Best Boyfriend EVAR” status by like, a gazbillion* points. We went for a walk, and he took me to the park where he and I first met. He sat me down on the bench there, and then, he gave me… a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. I cried. I’m not ashamed to admit it.
I’m reading the book “The Human, the Orchid and the Octopus” by Jacques Cousteau. It’s taking me a really long time to get through it, even though it’s a fairly small book. I tend to read it in bed, but I only manage to get through a few pages before I fall asleep. I’m starting to feel bad because it appears as though I find the book to be boring, which I totally don’t! Then The Cheerleader I Live With figured it out – he thinks it’s taking me so long to read the book because I’m reading it in Jacques Cousteau’s voice.  And I totally am!!  That’s it. From now on I’m reading the Cousteau book in like, Bill Cosby’s voice or something.
I will leave you today with six inspirational words. I can only hope that they become as meaningful to you, as they have become to me:
Tomorrow is Waffles for Breakfast day.
*Gazbillion may or may not be a real number