The Cheerleader I Live With has done it again! He has gone and built himself an empire of Boyfriend Points that won’t be falling anytime soon. Not only did he give me my first pair of Manolo Blahniks this week, but he bested himself with this little project on the weekend:


He fashioned me a writing desk of my very own! When I first met him, I saw this piece of furniture in his house and wondered how such nice furniture could be in this freaky bachelor pad. Turns out it belonged to his grandmother “the dour, Scot English teacher”, and he won it from her after they had a knife fight behind the school. Or something like that.

Anyway, he and I were discussing getting a desk for me, or building a desk for me, or stealing a desk for me, when The Cheerleader I Live With hit upon the idea of cleaning out the pretty piece of furniture, (it was our “junk drawer”), and making it semi-livable for my laptop, papers and other writing accessories.  And tah-daaaaaaaaaaah! Here it is!


Nice, huh? He even put a wee photo of my late dog, Jake on the bottom corner there, and he put my inspirational copy of Stephen King’s “On Writing” on the shelf, too.

So there it is. I now have a place of my very own to sit and write at. And so I did this weekend! I was feeling overwhelmed with the size of the project, but The Cheerleader I Live With and Momx7 gave me some great advice that got me a little more motivated. It’s nice to have such rad people supporting me. What would I do without them?

…you know, aside from miserable, bitchy, unmotivated, tearful, frightened, useless, fat, grumpy, homeless and destitute?