I don’t read the newspapers, and the only time I watch TV is when I’m at the bar and a hockey game is on. I haven’t owned a TV since 2004, and I like it that way. I hated the idea that I was constantly being sold to with endless commercials, and I loathed the always-bad nightly news. I remember the thing that signaled the end for me was when I flipped past a news show, and they were airing their segment called “Good News”. Really? You have to make a special effort to find and report GOOD news? This world has gotten screwy, my friends.

I just broke a nail! I hate that. Now I have to go chop all the rest of my nails off to make it match the stupid broken one. Humpf. Stupid nails, all breaking n’ stuff… making me look all wonky and lopsided.  It’s not vanity, it’s symmetry!

As most of you know, The Cheerleader I Live With and I have a wee abode nestled in a park beside the Fraser River. People are generally intrigued when I explain where it is that we live, but every once in a while I come across some weird reactions. For example, I met a woman one day and we got to talking about the park and she asked if I knew who lived in the red house beside the river. I explained that it was me, in fact, who lived there with my boyfriend. She said, “Oh really? Aren’t there a lot of bunny rabbits around there?” I replied that there was (I adore bunnies). She then said, “Wow. It must be tough to live there. I’ll bet you hear bunnies get killed by coyotes all the time. When bunnies are in pain they scream! They just scream so loud. I remember hearing it once and I’ll never forget it. It was a terrible scream!” Through my now-roiling stomach, I explained to her that I had never heard a bunny getting killed, and it was honestly something that I never thought about. She said, “Oh, it’s terrible”… and then launched into an elaborate imitation of what I assumed was a bunny screaming. It was terrible. Anyway, she just sort of abruptly stopped, said goodbye, and walked away leaving me with a horrified look on my face and a memory that I will now never forget. Unfortunately.

People are strange, and the fact the Jim Morrison even said so is really quite frightening isn’t it? That’s like Bernie Madoff admonishing someone for being dishonest.

Wow. I have to admit something: my vocabulary is just useless today! I’m struggling to find the words I need. I hate days like this. Thankfully they don’t happen too often.

Oh hey! 2 weeks until the Royal Wedding! Is it wrong that I’m only interested in seeing what shoes Kate wears?

*sigh* well, guess I should get my day started, eh? Maybe I’ll catch up on yesterday’s news. Thank Dog for The Daily Show and Jon Stewart.

Happy Friday!  xo