Yesterday after work, I decided to go to the new cafe in town to try and get some writing done. With a house full of nutty dogs and a bazgillion* dishes to be done, I thought I’d treat myself to a little alone time. It’s good to get away, even if just for an hour.

So, I wander in to the cafe, find a table, and go order myself some green tea. I grab the laptop, settle in and start writing. I’m basically at the point where I’m doing more editing than writing, but it still requires some creativity. Sip, type, sip, type… for about 45 minutes I am writing, writing, writing! Tappity-tapping my way through The Book. About half an hour later, I finish what I’m doing, sit back, and promptly delete the entire hour’s worth of work.

It just wasn’t good. I didn’t like what I wrote, and I didn’t like how I wrote it, so I ditched it. It wasn’t all that hard to do, either. Momx7 taught me that it’s ok to get rid of something that you spent a hell of a lot of time on, and so I understood that just because I had spend over an hour on The Book, that didn’t mean that it was a) good, or b) worth saving just because I spent time on it. There’s no need to hold on to something like that forever. It’s kind of like keeping that little bbq sauce-stained teddy bear that some kid named Trevor gave to you when you were 13 years old, because it brings back such fond memories of good ol’ Trevor Whatsisname. It’s just clutter now, it has no sentimental value. And the bbq sauce doesn’t even have flavour anymore.

So, I still have 44853 words written, and that’s a start. I don’t think I’ll be deleting those anytime soon, but you never know. Maybe I should stay out of cafes for a while.

*Bazgillion may or may not be a real number