Ahhhh, books in the news...

Aaaaaaaaaand, books in the STUPID news.

Feel free to support this author as she is forced to defend herself from the Torch & Pitchfork Crowd. Here’s hoping they don’t dunk this lady into the river to see if she floats…

Now… as to the Royal Wedding (my Official Royal Wedding Guest Name, by the way, is: Lady Olwyn Oreo-Whitworth, and The Cheerleader I Live With is: Lord Vincent Tasha-Dunbar), get all the bitching and negative crap out of your system before you come blabbing my way, because I don’t want to hear it! We live in a world where oceans are poisoned, wars are erroneously started, racism destroys a good presidency, and Donald Goddamn Trump is in the lead to head the Republican party for a bid at the Presidency. I’ll be honest, seeing all those people in Britain cheer their faces off for a beautiful woman in an amazing dress, getting married to the handsome son of The People’s Princess… wow! For a brief few moments, I forgot all about Sarah Palin, puppy mills, Big Oil, Wall Street, and Tea Baggers. And hell, I really needed that. Thank you Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and congratulations!

I grow so weary of negative people. They bore me. Bitch, bitch, bitch… go make your life worth living instead of wasting a moment of mine complaining to me about how terrible everyone and everything is. Bah! Go get some ice cream, rent a movie with Jennifer Aniston and/or Owen Wilson in it, and put your feet up. After that, go eat some mini cupcakes, snuggle a kitten, and walk in the sunshine.

As for me, I’m going to snuzz a couple of dogs, have a hot shower, make some tea, then head to work at the yoga studio. Life, my friends, is good.