Oh yeah… who da’ (wo)man?  That’s right, it’s ME. Awwwww, yeah…

*blows on knuckles, rubs them on chest*

So, uh, never thought you’d be reading the blog of a celebrity, did you? Well, here you are – reading about ME. That’s right, ME. I’M the celebrity now, baby!

*tosses hair*

It’s difficult being me, you know. So much fame, so much notoriety… and now I get to add FORTUNE to it all. Fame and fortune, aaaaaaaaaaaaall for me. That’s right, people, FAME AND FORTUNE!



…ok, ok. I apologize. That’s so not me, I swear. But I have had some good news that I’d like to share with you all! Y’see, as it turns out, I am now an in-demand, PAID public speaker! Sort of.

My friend runs a fitness program at his place of work, and he pays an honorarium to people who come and speak to the group. It’s usually “normal people doing incredible things”, and so my climbing of Mt. Kilimanjaro last year fits the bill quite perfectly. Although, I do believe his assessment of my normalcy is somewhat suspect, but let’s not tell him that shall we?

But cool, eh?! I get to do a slideshow and a little talk about my adventurous 2010, and get paid a small fee for doing so!

*rubs hands together*

I think maybe I’ll use that fee to go get a pedicure. My feet still haven’t recovered from that descent day.

*looks down at pathetic toes*


*limps away with a semi-strut wobble*