I will only say one thing about the election: my community voted in someone who doesn’t even live in our riding. Brilliant.

The Cheerleader I Live With and I have been thrilled to see that there are two geese that hang out by our wee abode, and they have five tiny, yellow goslings with them! The goslings are so freaking cute, and they just sort of waddle around the vicinity of our house, peeping and squeaking, and being protected by their mom and dad.

As I was watching them over the weekend, I saw a heron fly over the little gaggle and give a big, fat ‘squawk!’ as he passed. Then, later, I saw two fat seagulls swimming by close to the shore, and all but ignoring the geese and their babies. I noticed a handful of ducks, mumbling as they were swimming by the goslings, and even our two resident swans passed too, and they had their brand new tiny, gray signet floating close behind them.

All these different birds! All living well together, and getting along via the ‘live and let live’ philiosophy. They have no racism. No religion, no classicism, no sexism, no homophobia. No politics.

Why can’t we be like that? We, at ‘the top of the food chain’, the creatures with the big ‘ol brains. It’s a shame we use our big ol’ brains to devise ways to destroy lovely things like birds. I guess I just don’t understand sometimes.

Oh, to be a bird.