Yesterday was our first Tucker-Free day – yes, that’s right, on Monday The Cheerleader I Live With and I dropped our foster pup Tucker off at his new Forever Home! He now lives with a lovely family, and will be the very bestest friend to three great kids. He fit in as soon as I brought him to his new home, and is apparently quite content to chase tennis balls, and sun tan on the back deck already. Congratulations, Tucker! May you be well-loved and living the life that you fully deserve!  xo

Oh! And yesterday The Cheerleader I Live With booked our flights to Guatemala for January! As you may recall, we’re going to head over to Guatemala via El Camino Voluntours to assist Project Somos in building a village for orphaned children. We’re so excited! And hey, there’s still room if you want to join the tour! Think about it… it’ll be life changing, I guarantee it.

In a few days I’m going to have a birthday – I’ll be 35 years old. Normally I don’t care about my age, but for some reason I am feeling really, really OLD lately. Maybe it’s because my back has been all wonkified. Maybe it’s because I accidentally bought a ‘large print’ book and have found that I actually like reading books that way. Maybe it’s because I’ve got more gray hairs on my head than I’ve got brunette ones. Aside from a few tons, a leathery hide, two too many legs, a tail, a trunk, and a hell of a lot of wrinkles, I could be an elephant. But then again… I’m not too wrinkly. I’m not in bad shape. I don’t require a hearing aid (yet), bifocals (yet), a cane (yet), nor a Costco-sized bucket of anti-aging face cream to thwop my entire head into before bed.

I remember people telling me that ‘life begins at 30’, and I can look back and say that they were absolutely right. I love my life right now, and I think a big part of that is due to my age. I have a great love in my life, I smile every single day, I have beautiful friendships, and I’m working on making my dream come true. I feel happier, freer, and wiser than I ever have before. I’m far more owl than elephant, I guess. I’m ok with that.

And hey, as long as I’m allowed to have all the Twisted Fork lavender creme brulee that I want on my birthdays, I’ll keep having them! (Better fire up that mini blow-torch, Corey… I’ll be in a creme brulee state of mind in short order).

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway… life is good, and that’s that. Happy Wednesday!