In this world where:

…a football player expresses an opinion, only to lose an endorsement deal with a company who supports military efforts to protect free speech…

…and the Torch and Pitchfork crowd freaks out over something else ridiculous

…and the Tennessee Senate passes a bill making it illegal for teachers to say the word “gay” in schools…

I’d like to take a moment and share some GOOD things with you! Things liiiiiiiiiiiiiike…

THIS! I’ve watched this video about 12 times now, and I still laugh at it. It’s pretty much perfect.

Wait, wait! How about… THIS!!

Oh! Oh! And so totally THIS! (worth the click for the first photo!)

Want one more!? Ok! Let’s go wiiiiith… ZOMG THIS!

Ahhhhhhhh, much better.

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s hoping your weekend is full of all good things.