This weekend The Cheerleader I Live With went away and learned how to fight fires Wharfinger-style. That means that I had the weekend all to myself! I had endless hours to work on The Book in the quiet of a Cheerleader-free home.

So… The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With came over on Friday, and we Drunk Baked up a storm until about 2am. Then, when the hangover wore off on Saturday, I spent most of the day painting my toenails and watching episodes of Gossip Girl, until The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With called with the fab idea of going to the bar to watch the hockey game.

And so finally on Sunday I had some time to get down to some writing. So, I watched a hell of a lot of Gossip Girl (The Cheerleader I Live With loathes Gossip Girl, so I have to watch it while he’s out of the house), then lived a brief moment of Gossip Girl reality (that’s all I’ll say about that, thank you), before settling in to work on The Book.

After a couple more episodes of Gossip Girl, I looked at the time and realized that The Cheerleader I Live With would be home in a couple of hours, so I really should get some work done… after *one more* episode of Gossip Girl.

Needless to say, I didn’t do a lick of work on The Book this weekend. No, that’s not exactly true – I *thought* about what I wanted to write, but I just didn’t write it. I did, however, get to work on the speech that I need to do at the end of the month re: climbing Kilimanjaro. So at least I did something!

Pffft… unlike that snooty Blair Waldorf, who does NOTHING with her time except scheme and plot and try to figure out how to get Chuck Bass to tell her that he loves her!!