This morning I am going out for breakfast with E The Cheerleader. Unfortunately I went to Twisted Fork last night and bought some home-made jam from Corey to have this morning with my home-made bread. Hmmmm… dilemma… Oh wait, not it’s not:  TWO-BREAKFAST TUESDAY!!

We had a late Mother’s Day dinner at F*ck You Corey‘s and somehow I was the one that came out of there laden with gifts. I had 3 jars of jam (apple cinnamon, blueberry and sour cherry), a case of my favourite wine (Kettle Valley Brakeman’s Select), an amazing, perfect, beautiful brand new ‘recycled’ jacket that was brought all the way from Quebec, AND I had a very handsome man take me home! My god, it was a great night!

So, it’s a short blog post today, because E The Cheerleader is waiting, and so I must go. Oh! Before I forget:

Go Canucks, Go!

Happy Two-Breakfast Tuesday, everyone!!