I’m feeling the Blog Blahs this week. I’m feeling like I don’t wanna’ blog at all. I’m feeling as though I’m using up all my writing-brain powers on blog entries, and leaving my The Book writing-brain powers depleted. It’s a dumb argument, but it’s honest.

Yesterday I finished my speaking gig presentation, so that’s a good thing. I felt like I was double-writing on the same topic, so it got a little pedantic, and I knew I needed to just get the presentation done. I went to a cafe without wifi and spent an hour just getting things out. And once I finished that surface writing, I felt more able to write deeper stuff. Then, after I came home from the wifi-less cafe, I sat out on the patio (in the sunshine!), and wrote a couple pages of The Book, and felt much, much better… and not just because it gave me a sense of accomplishment and cake.

The sun is shining again today, and that’s a wonderful thing. I’ll head to work, then jump onto the patio again and get to writing even more this afternoon. For some strange reason I tend to forget that writing is fun. But then I toss a few sentences around, and I realize that it’s easy, and I enjoy it. It’s my literary equivalent of running on a treadmill.

I want to write for 20 miles.