Pre-Rapture Edition!

Now, I’m not a religious soul by any means, and I have a decent amount of common sense. So therefore, I do not believe that there will be a “Rapture” tomorrow, and that all “good Christians” will be floated away to never-never heaven on gossamer wings. However… I will become a rabid believer of Religion and/or the Rapture if it means that the following people will disappear from the earth forever: Fred Phelps and the Westborough Baptist Church, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush and the other born-again fundies of the Republican ilk, Glenn freakin’ Beck, most parents of school-aged children in the Southern states, and anyone else who puts an imaginary Jewish carpenter and a work of fiction ahead of being kind to their fellow man.  There. That should about do it, eh?

I have four friends who are pregnant right now. In an effort to avoid that same fate, I’m never leaving the house again. …wait. That may have the opposite effect that I was intending for.  Hmmm…

Tonight, I am going to eat nachos, drink beer, and watch the hockey game in a big ol’ bar. That being said, I think I’m a quintessential Canadian. I say “eh?” a lot, I watch hockey and drink beer like a maniac, I proudly use superfluous ‘u’s, I’m overly-polite, I happen to think that the beaver is a ‘truly proud and noble animal‘, and I live in an igloo.

Nothing much else happening for me today – watching the birds, sitting in the sun on the patio, avoiding chocolate, and doing a bit of writing.

Life is good.

Happy Friday, and enjoy your post-Rapture looting on Sunday.