Good morning! Today is a big day for me, as it’s my very first paid speaking gig. I’m so excited! Public speaking does not phase me in the least – in fact, it’s something I really love doing. I wrote some notes for myself today, but I doubt I’ll even use them. I prefer to go off-the-cuff with this sort of thing. Yep, it’s a big day… but not as big as yesterday was.

Yesterday I went to brunch with E The Cheerleader and My Friend with The Giant Baby. I had been in a grumpy mood for a day or two, ever since I decided to stop blogging. I told them how I was feeling, and they listened to me. They heard me out. E The Cheerleader asked me why I’m not writing. With tears now in my eyes, I told her it was because I was afraid of failing. She nodded her head, then looked me straight in the eye and said, “you’re already failing”.

Ouch! BURN!

But, she was right. I am failing. I’m not even trying, and that’s failing.

So, thank you E The Cheerleader (and thank you also to My Friend with The Giant Baby for offering to stab E The Cheerleader with a fork), for saying the words out loud. And thank you for blogging about it the very same day…

Friends are the best part of life.