So, a lot has been going on lately, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m a little stressed out. Then, a friend of mine wondered where his Friday Trainwreck was, and I realized that maybe by writing one, it’ll help me de-stress…

First things first… yesterday afternoon my dad went into the hospital emergency. I sat with him for about 5 hours or so, because being alone in the hospital really, really sucks. Thankfully some other family members came in, too, so that we could all listen to my dad as he rambled on and on and on in a morphine haze. As I type this, he’s in surgery, so I’ll be heading to the hospital in an hour or so, to be there when he wakes up.

I guess the hard part was that my dad was really emotional – not something I’ve seen a whole lot. He was obviously scared too, because he did a whole ‘death bed confession’-type of thing, and it sucker punched me in the guts pretty hard.

Add to this the fact that my amazing ol’ dog Luna is having seizures, I’m feeling unaccomplished because I downgraded my writing to “semi important”, I’m feeling like I’m morbidly obese and am envious of those with the motivation I do not have, my boss is leaving me in charge for a month while he takes a (very well-deserved and much needed) Hawaiian vacation…

Things are adding up, and my abacus is starting to tilt over. To make matters worse, I decided to stop drinking! What the hell was I thinking!?


I still have the love and support of The Cheerleader I Live With, I discovered massage therapy, my two missing toenails have almost completely grown back, my friend has a great business that is totally kicking ass and making her happy, and the sun is finally shining.

My heels are pretty smooth, I have manageable amounts of grey hair, I have fantabulous friends, I have ridiculously cute (well-behaved) dogs, and I live pretty close to a really, really good Indian restaurant.

Hagen Dazs now comes in teeny-tiny containers.

I don’t have to use a laundromat.

I don’t live in Lituya Bay.

There are still the same amount of goslings now, that there were at the beginning of the season.

and I am now 100% sure that my dad loves black currant jam. I didn’t know that… it’ll make gift-giving a whole lot easier.